Watershed WaveMaker: Hudsonia Ltd. Biodiversity Resource Center

Hudsonia Ltd.‘s Biodiversity Resource Center, led by Director Gretchen Stevens, works to put sound ecological information into the hands of local decision-makers for on-the-ground conservation. Hudsonia’s Significant Habitat Reports and Natural Resource Inventories have mapped natural areas in 2,000 square miles across the Hudson Valley within municipalities, counties, and stream corridors.

Through the Biodiversity Education Program, Hudsonia has led numerous workshops, trainings, and field trips to help local leaders better understand, plan for, and protect natural resources. All of this information has been critical for conservation planning and watershed protection across the region.

A field biologist for over 40 years, Gretchen has been a stalwart champion for small streams and wetlands, which are critical to healthy watersheds.

Celebrate the Hudsonia Ltd. Biodiversity Resource Center at our 2023 WaveMaker Awards Benefit on May 17!