Community Resilience Building

The Hudson River Watershed Alliance, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, facilitates Community Resilience Building Workshops for municipalities. The Community Resilience Building workshop is a one-day, community-driven and participatory workshop focused on improving local adaptation to flooding and other climate change impacts. The workshop brings together municipal leaders, municipal staff, and other key stakeholders for a facilitated discussed to identify strengths, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to improve climate resilience. To foster work across municipal boundaries, we convene multiple communities at a time that share waterbodies and resources.

Goals of the workshop are to:

  1. Identify projected climate change impacts in the communities,
  2. Identify infrastructure, social and environmental assets that are vulnerable to flooding and other climate impacts;
  3. Develop collective strategies to help improve resilience; and
  4. Prioritize those strategies.

Information from the workshop is summarized in a report. See below for a few examples.

Town of Red Hook, Village of Red Hook, Town of Rhinebeck, and Village of Rhinebeck Community Resilience Building Workshop: Summary of Findings – March 2020

Lower Wappinger Creek Watershed: Community Resilience Building Workshop Summary of Findings (Village of Wappingers Falls, Town of Wappinger, Town of Poughkeepsie, Town of LaGrange, Town of Pleasant Valley) – August 2019

Town of Haverstraw, Village of Haverstraw & Village of West Haverstraw: Community Resilience Building Workshop Summary of Findings – June 2017

Lower Wappinger Creek Watershed Community Resilience Building Workshop (May 2019)