2015 Annual Watershed Conference

2015 Annual Watershed Conference

Watershed Strategies for Protecting Drinking Water: Connecting Land Use, Science and Stewardship







Video Proceedings

Watershed Planning and Protection: Lessons Learned in the Quarter Century of the NYC Catskill Protection Program and the Challenges Local and Global Watersheds will Face in the Next Quarter Century and How to Meet Them – Al Appleton, Cooper Union


What’s Happening – A Water Update from EPA – Joan Leary Matthews, Clean Water Division, US EPA Region 2


American Water Works Association Utility Management Standard G-300 – Source Water Protection – Dr. Chi Ho Sham, The Cadmus Group


Water Quality/Water Resiliency – James Tierney, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


NYS Department of Health Drinking Water Program: a Multi-Barrier Approach to Safe Drinking Water – Dr. Lloyd Wilson, NYS Department of Health


New York City Engages with Wholesale Partners for Water Conservation and Demand Management – Bill Richardson, NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)


Long-term Water Supply Planning in Rockland County – Dan Duthie, Esq., attorney specializing in energy, public utility and zoning law


Municipal Approaches to Resilience and Water Quality – A Green Innovative Approach – Matt Alexander, Village of Wappingers Falls


Expanding Partnerships to Empower Communities to Protect Water Resources – Kate Hudson, Riverkeeper and Rebecca Martin,


Developing a Watershed Sense of Place and the Expanding Role of Citizen Scientists – Laurie Seeman, Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance


Breakout Session 1: Watershed Protection and Community Involvement – The Value of Watershed Protection in Reducing Drinking Water Treatment Costs – Dr. Chi Ho Sham, The Cadmus Group; Remediation of Ford Paint Sludge at the Ramapo Well Field – Dr. Chuck Stead, Ramapo College; Kingston Water Runs Deep: Watershed Politics and the Niagara Bottling Experience – Annabelle Vinois, The New School


Breakout Session 2: Using Science to Manage Water Supplies and Protect Water Quality: Science & State Policy Development for In-stream Flow – George Schuler, The Nature Conservancy: Nutrient Enrichment Impacts on Drinking Water Quality – Clifford Callinan, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Water; Algae as Bioindicator of Water Quality – Dr. Jillian Decker, Rockland Community College