Calling all Watershed WaveMakers!

2019 Watershed WaveMaker Awards
Do you know an individual,a watershed group and/or a business, institution or organization who is working tirelessly to protect streams and tributaries in the Hudson River Watershed? If the answer is yes, the Hudson River Watershed Alliance would like you to nominate them! Please review the nomination guidelines and process below.
Nomination guidelines:
    • Any individual, group or business in the Hudson River Watershed is eligible for the award – including citizens, advocates, watershed groups, local and regional government, nonprofits, academic institutions, businesses, etc. 
    • Anyone can submit a nomination. You can even nominate yourself!
    • This is a recognition award aimed at publicly acknowledging the exemplary efforts of the recipients. The winners of the awards will be featured in an email to our electronic list, on social media, in our newsletter, and in a regionally-distributed press release. The award will be presented at the Hudson River Watershed Alliance’s Toast to the Tribs Awards Benefit oat The Falcon in Marlboro.
Nominations must include the following information:
    • Your name and contact information: We may need to contact you for more information!
    • Contact information of nominee: We need to know how to contact the nominee if selected.
    • Justification: Describe why the nominee deserves recognition in their efforts to protect a stream, tributary or watershed.
    • Innovation: Describe how the nominee has used a unique or innovative approach in their efforts.
    • Community outreach and collaboration: Describe how the nominee may have reached out with, partnered with or collaborated with diverse stakeholders, organizations and communities to get their work done successfully.
    • Watershed impact: Describe how the nominee’s efforts have led to the greater protection of a stream, tributary or watershed.
How to submit a nomination:
    • Submit nomination details in a PDF document 1 page in length or approx. 500 words.