2022 Watershed WaveMaker: Newburgh Clean Water Project

Join us in celebrating the Newburgh Clean Water Project at the Toast to the Tribs on June 8! Tickets and more info here.

Newburgh Clean Water Project is a nonpartisan, grassroots group working to engage the community to advocate for long-term access to clean drinking water, ensure timely and comprehensive health resources for those who have been affected by PFAS and other contaminants, and restore the City of Newburgh’s drinking water supply watershed. The group began in 2017 in response to the PFAS contamination in the Washington Lake watershed. Newburgh Clean Water Project has done a tremendous amount of research, education, and outreach, engaging memorably and meaningfully with people of all ages and backgrounds. They have emerged as one of the main sources of information on drinking water issues in Newburgh, and have shone a light on complex processes, both political and scientific, to restore clean water and protect public health.