2021 Watershed WaveMaker: Stormwater Coalition of Albany County

Join us in celebrating the Stormwater Coalition of Albany County at the Toast to the Tribs on June 22! Tickets and more info here.

The Stormwater Coalition of Albany County is a partnership of more than 10 municipalities and SUNY Albany. What began as an exercise to help small communities meet the complex and challenging demands of maintaining regulatory compliance under New York State’s Municipal Stormwater (MS4) Permit has evolved into one of the most dynamic, diverse, tireless, and sophisticated Stormwater Coalitions in the state. This work has been driven by municipal commitment and implemented through the vision and tenacity of director Nancy Heinzen, who has been a champion of protecting natural resources and public health in the watersheds of Albany County’s MS4-regulated communities.  

The Stormwater Coalition of Albany County’s projects have directly supported clean water in its member municipalities. The Coalition has used an innovative, watershed-based approach to develop and distribute targeted outreach. A comprehensive audit of member communities’ local codes resulted in code revisions that are more supportive of green infrastructure practices and protecting natural resources. The Coalition’s efforts to map watersheds, infrastructure, and outfalls in the county has led to a much greater understanding of how these systems interact – as well as system vulnerabilities. By working collaboratively, the Coalition has helped partner communities save thousands of dollars to stay in compliance and support clean water and resilience to climate extremes.