State of the Hudson River Watershed

A Conference on the Ecological Status of the Waters of the Hudson River and its Tributaries


September 29 & 30, 2009
At the Henry A. Wallace Center at the FDR Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, NY



View From Mount Beacon

Purpose of Program: Four hundred years after Henry Hudson, can we paint a clear picture of the ecological health of the Hudson River and its tributaries? This conference will summarize what we know about current conditions and trends in the ecological integrity of the region’s running waters, and examine key policy and management issues related to those trends. It will also explore the question of which environmental indicators best communicate ecosystem health for environmental policy-makers, managers and the general public. The conference program is intended to promote a regional discussion on development of a periodic “vital signs report” on the waters of the Hudson River Watershed.


Tuesday, September 29
Trends in Ecologically Significant Flows • Sediment Budgeting and Management • Physical Habitat: Shallow and Intertidal Wetlands • How Does the Hudson Compare to other Estuaries? • What’s in Our Water Now? A Survey of Available Water Quality Data • Groundwater: Recharge, Withdrawals, and Land Cover • Engaging Stakeholders in Environmental Monitoring • Regional Planning for Water Use • Hudson Valley Wetlands: Status and Trends • Reporting on the Rest of the Hudson River Watershed


Wednesday, September 30
Hudson River Action Agenda and Ecological Health • NYS’ Biomonitoring Efforts in the Hudson River Watershed: Status and Trends • Alien Fish Introductions in the Hudson River Watershed: A Call for Biocriteria • Aquatic Macrophytes • Riparian Protection and Restoration: Policy Tools • Longitudinal Connectivity in the Tributaries • Riparian Ecosystem Influence on Tributary Health: What are the Key Indicators? • Selecting Ecosystem Indicators to Influence Policy • Commercial Fisheries: Status and Trends • Non-commercial fisheries: Status and Trends • Establishing Baselines of Ecological Health • Communicating Ecological Vital Signs to Decision-Makers and the Public

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The State of the Hudson River Watershed conference is the seventh annual conference of the Hudson River Watershed Alliance (HRWA), and is being coordinated by HRWA and the Hudson River Environmental Society (HRES). On Tuesday, September 29, HRES will host its 2009 Annual Meeting and Award Dinner in Staatsburg, NY; for more information go to

Co-sponsoring organizations and agencies include Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, U.S. Geological Survey, Hudson River Estuary Program of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Estuary Training Program of the NYSDEC Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, Clearwater, Scenic Hudson, The Nature Conservancy, Hudson Basin River Watch, Hudsonia Ltd., National Park Service, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

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