As a way to encourage a water-related discussion throughout the Hudson River Watershed, we hold periodic speaker series events, our Watershed Speaker Series.  The purpose of these events is to provide a forum for speakers to present on water-related activities, scientific data, and research and tools throughout the Hudson River Basin. The speakers are intended to inform our watershed constituency on activities, tools and scientific data and research that are of interest.  These events also represent a capacity-building opportunity for watershed groups in our Alliance, to learn something that they can take back to their watersheds.  Currently, we have a long-running Watershed Speaker Series in the Mid-Hudson Region, an event that is known as 'The Omelet.'  In 2015, we launched a new Upper Hudson Speaker Series that took place in the City of Troy.  in 2016, we launched a new Lower Hudson Speaker Series  We be holding more of the Watershed Speaker Series in 2018 in the Upper Hudson.


Mid-Hudson Watershed Speaker Series (or 'The Omelet') - Ongoing

The Mid-Hudson Watershed Speaker Series or 'The Omelet' meets the second Thursday of every month (excluding summer months) from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM at the Plaza Diner (Shop & Stop Plaza) in New Paltz, with a $4 minimum food/beverage purchase. To be added to the email list for the Mid-Hudson Watershed Speaker Series, send an email to:  This information is also included in our monthly Watershed Digest, which you can sign up for here.

Upcoming 2018 dates for the Mid-Hudson Watershed Speaker Series: March 8, April 12, May 10 and June 14

 Winter Bad Weather Policy: The Mid-Hudson Watershed Speaker Series is cancelled only if the New Paltz Central School District (the nearest school district to the diner) has either a weather delay or cancellation. Please listen to the radio, call the school district, or visit to learn of delays or cancellations.  


Upper and Lower Hudson Watershed Speaker Series - 2018

The Hudson River Watershed Alliance will be hosting at least two Upper Hudson Watershed Speaker Series events in 2018. The best way to stay informed about these events is by signing up for our mailing list - please sign up here. Check back later to see upcoming dates this spring.


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